Think differently and to do away with the traditional way of working. It’s the new normal. `Let’s WFH effectively’​

Quick Tips for effective Work from Home

What Organizations can do:

  • Ensure every individual has a laptop/desktop to work
  • Ensure every individual has internet access with sufficient bandwidth (Min 128 kbps)
  • Follow standardize working hours – No flexible timings allowed during WFH
  • Ensure Infra support team availability for 24/7
  • Have a common communication and meeting tool
  • Ensure VPN user account for every individual
  • Inform all of your customers about your WFH
  • Ensure all enterprise applications, tools, servers are up and running
  • Allow remote access to authorize infra team for all your applications, tools and systems
  • Managers need to have a quick status update meeting on EoD for the updates by all the team members every day
  • Maintain a register with alternative contact numbers for every individual

What is expected from individuals:

  • Follow standard working hours religiously
  • Maintain to-do list for every day and share it with your managers
  • Ensure you have sufficient internet bandwidth for virtual meetings and screen sharing
  • Keep your manager informed with your whereabouts
  • Use office laptop/desktop only for your official work
  • Check frequently with your infra team for system updates and antivirus updates
  • Keep your calendar shared with your team
  • Ensure on-time joining in all the virtual meeting rooms and calls
  • Keep the team informed if you are offline due to any unavoidable reason
  • Do not use WFH as an alternative for your leaves
  • Ensure Data security at all times
  • All the important information, documents should only be stored on a common repository, share drive etc
  • Ensure you have a back-up of your system
  • Expect some domestic disturbance during work, calls, meetings
  • Keep your mic muted when not talking in meetings, calls
  • Be available on your contact number and access to your alternative number
  • Keep your mobile and system fully charged to avoid any disturbance due to sudden power outage
  • Ensure comfortable set up and avoid long duration sitting (suggest small break after every 30-45 minutes)
  • Exercise regularly and keep yourself sufficiently hydrated

What Business Partners are expected to do:

  • Have a SPOC for all your ongoing projects/activities
  • Expect some disturbance/delays
  • Share your alternative numbers and contacts of important back-office members
  • Get used-to with offshore/WFH support and avoid insisting on travel and in-person meetings
  • Insist on email communication between all the parties for MoM’s and decisions

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