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Manufacturing industry is on the cusp of change with automation leading the way. Traditional systems are getting smarter and better with technologies like IoT and analytics. From building personal relationships with the customers to creating automated factory floors, manufacturing sector needs much more than just a technology partner. At Wurth IT India, we hand hold our clients from the consultation to operation. Our focus is to provide improved agile processes that are flexible and cost-effective.
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Digitization of manufacturing industry led by machine learning and data has changed the way it functions. Quality control has increased, factories have become smarter and human error reduced. According to a report by Capgemini, 49% of automakers have already invested close to 250 million dollars in smart manufacturing. Predicting and preventing process inefficiencies, an agile supply chain and self- monitoring capacity are some of the biggest benefits of new technologies like AI, Ml and IOT in this industry. At Wurth IT India we help our clients understand and deploy these newer technologies.
Discrete Manufacturing
Manual processes and legacy data systems cannot offer real-time visibility into the increasingly complex process and systems of discrete manufacturing. Identifying the point of failure and success, minimizing downtime and automation for operational efficiency are some of the key reasons why digitization of discrete manufacturing is but inevitable. At Wurth IT India, we understand these needs and have the capability and the capacity to help our clients to make their factories smarter.
Chemical Manufacturing
Reliable and speedy laboratory calculations, multiple packaging options, new product development with ease, contract manufacturing and regulatory compliance requirements are some of the key areas of focus in chemical manufacturing. With new technologies like AI, IOT and ML, the level of accuracy and reduction of human error helps in a seamless and integrated process for this industry. At Wurth IT India, we help our customers to engage with these technologies and make the best out of them.
Manufacturing Offerings
Manufacturing Offerings
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FAB industries increased sales growth by 5-10%

With Wurth IT India solution, FAB industries successfully managed improve and optimize planning and execution with the help of real time inventory and valuation. It streamlined its business process from the organizational scalability perspective.

Company : FAB Industries
Industry : Manufacturing