Date and Time
10th March 2021
3.00 pm CET | 9.00 am EST

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Explore key insights on how to reduce Fluctuations & Variations in Cement Manufacturing processes by using Artificial Intelligence technology to achieve Operational Excellence.
Digitization within the Cement Industry is happening at a rapid scale, where many manufacturers are adopting technologies like High Level Controls (HLC), Technical Information Systems (TIS) apart from investing in technologies for optimizing Supply Chain, Logistics, Safety and more.
However, most of the above technologies are CAPEX intensive, there is a dire need to achieve Operational Excellence goals with NO CAPEX and Better Payback. In this Webinar, we’ll explore how Cement Manufacturers are able to achieve operational  benefits.
We shall also touch upon a few examples on Cost Savings achieved in Specific Energy Consumption Reduction, Productivity Improvement, Fuel Consumption Reduction, AFR Feed & PC Temperature Stabilization, Reduced Environmental Impact and more.

Advantage Manufacturing Analytics @Wurth-IT

Assured ROI/ Payback within 3-12 Months of Engagement
Low or no CAPEX
Value-creation by harnessing the available plant data
Deeper process &systems intelligence
Unlock insights from hidden data patterns
What to expect:
  • Hear from Bill Foster share his insights on the Digital Transformation imperatives, challenges and opportunities for the Cement Manufacturers.
  • Understand from Veeresh Dharappanavar on how AI/ML tool can help optimize the Process Fluctuations & Variations and learn about the key benefits achieved by Cement Manufacturers.

Meet the Speakers

Senior Industrial Automation Consultant
Sales Head (Manufacturing) at Wurth IT
Marketing Lead
at Wurth IT